Your NDP Candidate for Willowdale!


"Willowdale's changing, and we need someone who is dedicated and who will fight for the change it deserves." 

— Saman Tabasinejad



Residents of Willowdale are tired of reaching into their pockets and paying more and more for hydro. Selling off our hydro services has left us all worse off. A vote for the NDP is a vote to return Hydro One back to the public. Power is not a luxury - why are we treating it as such?

Learn more about the ONDP's hydro plan here:


For too long we have all been paying too much for prescriptions.  Willowdale residents have to choose between filling prescriptions and buying groceries. Our pharmacare should not be dependent on our work places' health plan - we should all be able to access the medicine we need.

Learn more about the ONDP's pharmacare plan here:


Anyone who lives in Toronto or the GTA knows if you do not live downtown then the transit does not prioritize you. Let's invest in a transit system that works for everyone. We need to be making long-term investments in our growing city's transporation infrastructure.

Learn more about the ONDP's transit plan here: